10 Best Video Game Music Soundtracks [All Time]

Updated on March 27, 2024
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See the nest video game soundtracks of all time, from European folk melodies of The Witcher 3 to the transformative 80s tunes of GTA: Vice City.

10 Best Video Game Music Soundtracks [All Time]

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 has easily the best soundtrack out of the best video games ever made. Period. Like, just listen to “Fields of Ard Skellig” or “The Wolven Storm”... pure masterpiece. Especially the second one; it is a ballad that tells a story of love and loss, highlighting the game's narrative depth... but hey, no spoilers!

This soundtrack is basically all about European folk music, incorporating instruments and melodies that evoke the various cultures and landscapes found within the game. Whether you're running through the streets of Novigrad or climbing mountains on Skellige, you will always feel the vibe. Plus, it's one of the best single-player games for PlayStation I've ever played. 

GTA Series

GTA series has been revolutionary in how it incorporates music by introducing in-game radio stations, which offer a variety of music genres — from rock, and pop to hip-hop, jazz, and electronic. There's literally something for everyone, and this implementation alone really changed how video games are made nowadays.

Each GTA title is set in a distinct time period, and the soundtracks are made to reflect the specific area. For example, "GTA: Vice City" uses 80s music to complement its neon-lit, Miami-inspired setting, transporting you into these times like a time machine.

World of Warcraft

Ain't no “best video game soundtrack” list without World of Warcraft; you all know that. Beyond its epic scores and cultural melodies, WoW's soundtrack excels in creating an ambient background that enhances day-to-day gameplay without becoming intrusive, which is why you can listen to it even while working.

I personally love “Invincible”, but maybe that's because I am a big fan of this whole Lich King theme and Arthas's lore in general. “Stormwind Theme” is also a classic, especially for every Allaince player. And the best part? These are not just "game OST tracks"... these are pure anthems.


Games made by Mojang are not known for having the best soundtracks, I know... but how can you not appreciate Minecraft's set of ambient tracks?

For example, “Sweden” — Its gentle piano notes foster a sense of peace and introspection. Or “Stal”, which is a track that has a bit of a jazzy vibe, but also a bit of Aphex Twin. Like, name any other game that has such an “out of the box” soundtrack. I'll wait.

Cyberpunk 2077

A thing of beauty will never fade away, my friends. That's right, just because of “Never Fade Away” this game deserves a spot on this list — it's like the anthem to wanting to change the world... well, that's what Johnny Silverhand wanted, so that would be right.

But of course, that's not all of it! The game has many types of music in it like electronic, rock, rap, and more; CD Projekt Red collaborated with many artists like Grimes to create a top-notch experience for literally everyone!

Well, but after all, this is a game whose one of the main characters is a rock star — how could Cyberpunk not have a good soundtrack?

Life Is Strange

Life is Strange is another game with a fantastic soundtrack, and even more so for indie rock fans. “Obstacles” by Syd Matters sticks with you long after you finish the game, and every time you hear it, it reminds you of all these emotional rollercoasters you've had because of the story.

I personally think that Life is Strange would not be such a popular game if it were not for the fact that it is backed up by such a fantastic soundtrack that matches the game's vibe.


Skyrim's soundtrack is just epic. Snowy mountains, quiet towns, and dark caves each have their own special music, and it's all so well-matched.

You probably love “Dragonborn", but I often come back to “Secounda” — that's right, this quiet song that echoes through the night. It makes Skyrim world seem peaceful and magical as you explore under the stars.

Hollow Knight

Hollow knight is one of the best indie games of all time, and the soundtrack aspect has a role in it. The music perfectly matches the game's mysterious and sometimes lonely feeling. It's like the music tells the story of the game's world, Hallownest, without needing any words.

Hollow Knight's soundtrack has a lot of beautiful melodies that can make you feel calm, sad, or even hopeful. It adds a lot of emotion to the game, making you feel more connected to the world and its characters.

If you've heard "City of Tears" once, you will never ever forget it. It's both sad and beautiful, making the city feel grand but also abandoned... so special, truly.

Halo 2

Halo 2's soundtrack has a mix of many kinds of music, from rock to orchestral to electronic, and this variety keeps the game feeling fresh and exciting all the way through.

Personally, I've been having “Blow Me Away” on repeat for many months, and I loved how it added the rock vibe to the game. Overall, Halo 2's soundtrack is a perfect blend of dramatic tunes and choir singing that fits the space and sci-fi theme perfectly.

Silent Hill 2

Unlike many other horror games, Silent Hill 2's music uses a mix of industrial noises, ambient sounds, and beautiful melodies, and usually it's just one of these three. The music changes with the story, making scary moments scarier and sad moments sadder.

Just like with Hollow Knight, it can tell the story without words, especially tracks like “Theme of Laura” or “Promise (Reprise)”. I've got goosebumps from just writing these track titles, but I can't tell you why — it's a no spoiler zone.