Most Expensive Knives In CS2 [Top 10 of 2024]

Updated on April 21, 2024
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Discover the most expensive CS2 knife skins of 2024, led by the prestigious Karambit Case Hardened, valued at approximately $1.4 million.

Most Expensive Knives In CS2 [Top 10 of 2024]

Karambit | Case Hardened (~$1,412,820)

The most expensive CS2 knife is the Karambit Case Hardened skin. Even though it’s colorful, it’s not too candy coated and looks super premium… But well, after all it’s the most expensive CS2 knife, and one of the best Karambit skins ever released.

Most of the Case Hardened skins go super expensive. But still, just like most of the Case Hardened skins, this costly Karambit knife looks so stunning, with a rumored price of nearly $1.4 million. The highly pricey sword has a typical Karambit design, but aside from its rarity, it doesn't have much else going for it. It’s an extremely rare skin; maybe even the rarest knife in the game.

The first owner of a Karambit Case Hardened was reportedly offered around $1.3 million for the blade, but they declined because the amount was "cheap”. Yeah, this particular knife is a sign of being a member of the Rockefeller family.

Karambit Doppler Phase 4 (~$15,130)

Silver paint with curved lines and brilliant purple color, as well as the classic curved blade, are featured in the design; but hey, it's not one of the cheapest Karambit skins, it has to be a bit more refined. 

Moreover, Karambit Doppler Phase 4, like other Karambit knives, has a well-designed grip. This curved blade just fits this design so well and there’s no other pattern that fits this one better, period.

Stiletto Knife Crimson Web (~$1,700)

The Stiletto Knife Crimson Web has a spider web pattern over a Crimson Webs coat, as the name suggests. The Stiletto Knife Crimson Web also has a narrow blade for stealth assaults, and the flavor text demonstrates how silent yet deadly the knife is: “Be careful where you tread, you never know where the web has spread.”

The Stiletto Knife Crimson Web appears to be rather nice, but the price may be a deterrent (like for most Crimson Web skins). The blade costs around $1,700, making it one of the most expensive CS2 knife skins. However, even though I’m not really into Stiletto Knives, this Crimson Web pattern fits it so well, wouldn’t you agree? Still, I don’t get why these knife skins go that high with their price, especially Stiletto Knife skins.

This Crimson Web Stiletto Knife was released in conjunction with the A New Horizon update for CS2. The update was published in 2018 and included a redesigned user interface with the goal of making the game look more current.

Bayonet Slaughter (~$1,650)

The Bayonet Slaughter is a classic CS2 skin from the famous Arms deal update. It may be a knife with an eye-catching red crystal design, but that isn't the only reason why it's so special.

Nobody can deny that its price is a giant investment, no matter how deep your pockets may be. Still, it is one of the coolest CS2 knives out there, so some analysts are surprised that it’s not even more expensive than it is. It's easily one of the best Bayonet skins in CS2, and even if it would cost $4000, I would  personally pay that price.

M9 Bayonet Crimson Web (~$1,600)

The M9 Bayonet Crimson Web is the first knife on the list to break the $1,000 barrier. The one-of-a-kind blade, which was first released in 2013, has a spider web pattern on a red base. Then, for a light shine, a layer of semi-gloss is applied to the entire surface.

Although this knife costs around $1,600 in mint condition, several used replicas may be had for much less: A battle-scarred Crimson Web, for example, sells for around $420.

The Arms Deal update brought with it more than just a new knife. eSports were also introduced to the world of CS2 with the introduction of the 2013 update, which included new systems for pooling awards for competitive gameplay. Personally, I consider the M9 Bayonet Crimson Web Factory New one of the best CS2 knives (and weapon skins overall) you can get in all of Counter Strike.

M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler (~$860)

The M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler skin has a unique, foggy marble aesthetic and costs over $900.

This knife skin, which debuted accompanying the Gamma Exposure update, is quite popular among players, but it's also quite pricey; therefore, it's not frequently seen during games.

Aside from this razor-sharp blade, the Gamma Exposure update included a slew of adjustments to CS2’s audio system. The adjustments were made to increase overall sound quality while also reducing “ear fatigue” reports from players.

Butterfly Knife Marble Fade (~$850)

This Butterfly Knife Marble Fade knife skin is as great as pricey. It’s a really rare knife skin; one of the rarest knives in the game actually, and I’ve never seen this one in the game (like most of the expensive knife skins in CS2). For real, I even just checked what it looks like, and of course, it’s gorgeous.

Just like some of the other expensive knife skins on this list, this Butterfly Knife Marble Fade was added to CS2 on March 15, 2017, and is available in Spectrum and Spectrum 2 cases. But even though these cases contain this outstanding and expensive knife, they are not really among the best ones to invest in. Still, if you are freaking out about this skin and don’t want to spend $850, this is where you should look for it.

M9 Bayonet Night (~$850)

The M9 Bayonet Night isn't the most visually appealing blade, which is perhaps why it's so effective. With a sleek shape and deep blue paint, the knife embodies the night sky, making it easier to hide before an assault.

According to one source, the M9 Bayonet Night was extremely popular when it was first released in 2013, but its popularity has recently waned. The blade, however, is still available in fresh condition for $847.20.

M9 Bayonet Doppler (~$600)

The next one on our list does not require a special introduction — it is one of the most popular knives out there, the M9 Bayonet Doppler. This beautiful weapon getting featured on this list is no surprise since M9 knives are leading the market in terms of price, alongside with AWPs, M4A4, and AK-47s.

What makes the M9 Bayonet Doppler unique is that its designers had the courage of mixing the red and gray in a simple yet effective way. The red stain covering the iron knife offers a certain kind of sophistication compared to some dull knives, making the M9 Bayonet Doppler a unique piece to own. Such knives just scream “premium”.

Bayonet Fade (~$450)

The cheapest skin on our list is the Bayonet Fade knife, a weapon that can add a true note of sophistication to your game. The multicolor design with an iron touch is perfect for causing mayhem and humiliation to your opponents.

The price of $450 is a pretty big investment for regular Counter Strike players, but the sole appearance of this blade makes it worth every cent. There are some cases of Bayonet Fade knife being listed for a lot cheaper price, so checking multiple different marketplaces might be a good idea (not only for this one but for other expensive knives as well).

If you own a Bayonet Fade knife, selling it may be one tough decision, but the money you would get could buy you a brand-new piece of professional gaming equipment.

Despite being unaffordable for many CS2 players out there, there’s no debating about one thing – nobody would mind having a Bayonet Fade knife listed in their inventory.