Top 5 Cheap Negev Skins in CS2

Updated on April 23, 2024
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Check out our a list of the best Negev skins for it that won’t harm the wallet as much, such as Dev_texture or Ultralight!

Top 5 Cheap Negev Skins in CS2

Negev Dev_texture

The Negev Dev_texture gets its design from the default CS2 development textures, which are the base for all the detailed objects and refined textures we see in the game. It's a simple yet iconic look that reminds you of the early stages of game development. Having a skin like this is a nod to the building blocks behind the polished graphics of CS2.

If you're considering adding this skin to your collection, Field-Tested at $0.31 is a solid choice. It's affordable and captures the essence of the CS2 dev textures without costing too much. If you appreciate skins that reference the behind-the-scenes aspects of game development, this is a great option.

Negev Ultralight

The standout feature of the Negev Ultralight skin is the sleek gray digital camouflage pattern. What sets it apart is the row of teal arrows that spans across the entire body of the gun, adding a touch of vibrancy to the otherwise neutral palette. If you're looking to save some cash, the Minimal Wear versions are a steal at just $0.09, providing you with a high-quality look without the Factory New price tag.

Negev Desert-Strike

The Negev Desert Strike skin shares a similar design to the M4A4 Desert Strike variation, featuring a futuristic and militaristic style. This makes it a reliable choice for players who prefer a more tactical look. Given the subtle yet sleek aesthetic, I recommend getting this skin in Factory New condition for the best quality. You can't really go wrong with this classic design that brings a modern edge to the Negev.

Negev Lionfish

The Negev Lionfish skin is designed after the distinctive pattern and colors of a lionfish, giving it a unique and striking appearance. The vibrant orange and white swirls make it stand out among other Negev skins. However, the quality tends to drop off significantly in lower conditions, so it's best to get this in Minimal Wear for around $0.50 to ensure you maintain the bright colors and crisp details that make this skin appealing.

Negev Prototype

The Negev Prototype doesn't offer anything particularly unique. The most notable feature is the white metal plate on the body, but even this doesn't stand out much compared to other Negev skins. However, given its low price, it's still a decent choice for those on a budget. If you want to get the best quality, it's recommended to choose either Minimal Wear or Factory New, which should help maintain the basic appeal of the white metal finish without breaking the bank.