Top 5 Cheap AWP Skins in CS2 (2024)

Updated on April 22, 2024
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Check out the best cheap AWP skins in CS2 such as Atheris or Worm God!

Top 5 Cheap AWP Skins in CS2 (2024)

AWP Atheris

The Atheris is one of my favorite skins on this list. The Atheris snake design suits the AWP perfectly, and the color scheme is impressive for such an affordable price. What I love about the Atheris is that even the worse conditions maintain almost all of the quality

This means you're not stuck with buying it in Factory New. Field-Tested goes for $2.50, and Minimal Wear for $5.00, which is a great deal for a skin that could easily be more expensive. I often expect skins with this level of design to be costly, but the Atheris breaks that trend with its surprisingly budget-friendly price.

AWP Phobos

The Phobos was designed to resemble a blaster, and it's clear that it draws inspiration from the movie "Blade Runner." This makes the skin a fantastic choice for sci-fi fans. The pricing for the various conditions of this skin is a bit mixed, which is unique among AWP skins. Surprisingly, Well-Worn costs the most at $3.00, while Factory New is more affordable at about $1.60. My recommendation would be Minimal Wear, as it retains quality while costing only $0.95, making it a great balance between looks and budget.

AWP Worm God

The Worm God was really popular back in the day. The design isn't anything groundbreaking, but the white skull and worms are what make this skin stand out. It's one of the cheapest yet still presentable AWP skins on the market right now, making it a fantastic option if you're on a tight budget. Since the quality doesn't degrade much across conditions, getting the cheapest condition is recommended. This way, you get a cool-looking skin without spending much.

AWP Elite Build

The Elite Build is a well-known design, used for other popular guns like the AK-47. The AWP version was also created, and it became a classified skin, which is why it's a bit more expensive than other skins. However, the Field-Tested version of this skin is reasonably priced at $8.40, especially when compared to the Factory New price. It's no Dragon Lore, but the clean design of the Elite Build makes it a great option if you want a stylish skin without breaking the bank.

AWP Mortis

The Mortis skin is inspired by the Death Tarot Card, and the design reflects the card's theme. The whole concept revolves around death, which is why the buttstock features an image of the Grim Reaper. The appeal of this skin comes from its black, brown, and red color scheme, which gives it a unique look. Additionally, it's quite affordable, making it a great option for budget-conscious players.

Field-Tested versions do affect the quality a bit, but it's not to the extent that you'd have to buy it in Factory New. Another potential selling point for the Mortis skin is its resemblance to the AWP Dragon Lore, giving you a touch of that iconic design without the hefty price tag.