Best USP-S Skins in CS2 (Top 5)

Updated on April 23, 2024
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The USP-S is one of the best pistols in CS2, and it has an equally amazing list of skins.

Best USP-S Skins in CS2 (Top 5)

USP-S Kill Confirmed

The price of the USP-S Kill Confirmed reflects its unique and highly sought-after design. What really sets it apart is the bold red color scheme, which adds an eye-catching finish to the overall aesthetic. This skin's popularity is another reason it carries a higher market value — it's in high demand among players and collectors.

If you're considering buying one, I'd suggest getting it in Minimal Wear. It offers a similar look to Factory New but at a lower cost, making it a great choice if you're budget-conscious while still wanting a clean-looking skin.

USP-S Whiteout

The Whiteout skin design isn't exclusive to the USP-S; it's also been used on other CS2 weapons. This skin has been around for a while and has remained extremely popular due to its simple yet clean look. It has a timeless quality that appeals to players who prefer a more understated design.

Even with its minimalist aesthetic, the USP-S Whiteout suits the weapon perfectly. If you're interested in getting one, keep in mind that Factory New conditions are the most desirable, which makes them the most expensive version of this skin.

USP-S Orion

The “Orion” is a very iconic USP-S skin that helped kickstart its popularity among USP-S players in CS2. It’s one of the first USP-S weapon skins that become insanely popular back in the day, and it still manages to stay relevant years later. Its reputation can definitely be attributed to the design and color scheme.

All of the conditions have similar prices, with Factory New being a tiny bit more expensive than the rest. 

USP-S Cyrex

The Orion is a truly iconic USP-S skin that played a significant role in boosting the weapon's popularity in CS2. It was one of the first USP-S skins to become wildly popular, and it continues to stay relevant years later. This skin's lasting reputation is due to its striking design and vibrant color scheme. It's got that unique look that makes it stand out in any collection.

When it comes to pricing, you'll find that most conditions are similarly priced, with Factory New being just a bit pricier than the rest. If you're into classic skins with a solid history, the USP-S Orion is a fantastic choice.

USP-S Neo-Noir

The Neo-Noir skin has a design that resembles the Kill Confirmed, but it stands out due to its darker color scheme and creative artwork. This skin gives off a wholly different vibe, appealing to those who like a more edgy and mysterious aesthetic. Despite being around for a while, the Neo-Noir continues to be in high demand and remains a popular choice among CS2 players.

What's great is that the Factory New price isn't as high as you might expect for a skin with this level of detail. If you're looking to save some cash, you can opt for other conditions, but you might find they lack the same quality and visual appeal as the Factory New version.