7 Best Music Kits in CS2 (2024)

Updated on March 31, 2024
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Check out the best music kits in CS2, featuring unique blends like polka heavy metal and techno-house, crafted by renowned composers.

7 Best Music Kits in CS2 (2024)

Mocha Petal by Austin Wintori

This music kit is a perfect mixture of polka music and edgy heavy metal, which gives it a unique vibe and is one of the main reasons this soundtrack is widely recognized as a fan favorite.

With over two decades of professional experience, Austin Wintori is one of those names that have built a certain reputation. Yeah, not just within the CS2 community, but in other parts of the gaming world as well, like Assassin’s Creed – Syndicate and Command and Conquer: Rivals, alongside many other titles.

The man himself is responsible for creating an immortal piece of art that will continue to be played over and over for years to come.

High Noon by Feed Me

This bundle includes one of the classic CS2 Music Kits. High Noon was launched on October 10, 2014, and it features some extremely relaxing rhythms to groove to after being named MVP of the particular round. It is one of the best selling items alongside some best CS2 skins.

It has a techno-house touch to it, as it was composed by Jonathan Gooch, popularly known by his professional name Feed Me, a well-known British DJ. Due to these characteristics, some may describe it as a perfect soundtrack for headshot situations.

KOLIBRI by Sarah Schachner

Sarah Schachner, who was born in 1999, has worked as a composer in films, television shows, and video games. She began playing the piano and violin at an early age, which encouraged her to pursue further musical research.

Her work has appeared in games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Now You See Me, Call of Duty, The Lazarus Effect, Modern Warfare, and others. Sarah’s cooperation with CoD and Assassin’s Creed franchises was a big stepping stone in her career. And that ultimately led towards her becoming one of the big names in the CS2 community as well after the release of her first Music Kit.

“KOLIBRI”, her debut Music Kit, combines futuristic themes with a gothic touch to create an immersive experience for every player out there, even ones that have the worst stickers on their cheap Mac-10 skins.

The Talos Principle by Damjan Mravunac

Damjan Mravunac, a music artist, created this masterpiece for CS2, which was released on February 12, 2015. It’s a perfect MVP anthem for every time you are recognized as the MVP of the round, since it contains a lot of deep and powerful cinematic music passages that send you into another dimension from the map.

This magnificent CS2 Music Kit, which remains to be among the greatest in the game, will undoubtedly cause you to feel like a battle hero after your triumph, especially if you rock with some expensive knife skins.

Crimson Assault by Daniel Sadowski

Daniel Sadowski is also one of the big names within the video games music industry, as he has composed over 100 soundtracks for multiple different games in various genres. That's right — titles like Call of Duty, Global Operations, Warcraft III, Pac-Man, Path of Immortals, and many others.

His latest work, Crimson Assault is a perfect combination of traditional and modern style which could serve as a great Music Kit for both those with nostalgia for the older Counter-Strike version and the new CS fans.

Astro Bellum by Jesse Harlin

Jesse Harlin has a long and illustrious career in video game music. He worked as a Staff Composer at LucasArts, where he composed music for the Star Wars franchise.

When it came to writing his Music Kit entry, Harlin's musical knowledge came in handy. "Astro Bellum" is a tribute to ambient techno, sci-fi music, with a touch of the 1970s and 1980s. This track also has space opera elements, which is a nod to his earlier work.

Work Hard, Play Hard by Laura Shigihara

Laura Shigihara, a classically educated pianist, is a well-known video game soundtrack composer who has worked on a slew of indie games. Her contribution has been hailed as significant within this area, with many praising its superb production.

"Work Hard, Play Hard," her new track for Valve's Music Kit update, covers a wide range of musical perspectives. With old-school 90s dance elements, the tune ventures into the vintage video game world. This tune, when combined, is a lot of fun and conveys the strong message that women have more than a deserving spot in the CS2 community.