4 Best M249 Skins from CS2 & CS:GO

Updated on April 23, 2024
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Discover best M249 skins ever released in CS2 & CS:GO, featuring standout designs like the Impact Drill, System Lock, Warbird, and Aztec.

4 Best M249 Skins from CS2 & CS:GO

M249 Impact Drill

The Impact Drill stands out as a remarkably straightforward choice for players looking to add a touch of simplicity to their arsenal full of blue skins

What makes this skin a must-have isn't just its color palette but the thoughtful distribution of colors. The contrast between navy blue and vibrant yellow not only works perfectly, but also exudes an industrial-grade vibe that's hard to ignore.

When it comes to its availability, the Impact Drill is positioned on the pricier side, especially when you stack it up against other M249 options like the Contrast Spray skin. This distinction in pricing highlights its unique appeal and desirability among collectors and players alike.

M249 System Lock

The System Lock skin jumps into the future with its design, offering an incredible look that's hard to miss. Its popularity climbs due to the striking color scheme, a dynamic mix of black and vibrant red that grabs attention.

This skin's attractiveness is greatly enhanced by its affordability in all conditions, making it a top choice for gamers on a budget. However, for those aiming for the best mix of price and appearance, choosing the Minimal Wear condition is advised.

M249 Warbird

The Warbird is an impressive skin, inspired by the classic American war movie. The design itself is a strong reason to consider this skin, not to mention the color scheme. I recommend opting for the most affordable option for this skin, as its appearance is outstanding in any condition. In fact, you might find that it looks even better in less-than-perfect conditions.

M249 Aztec

Counter-Strike's history is enriched with iconic maps that have shaped the franchise, and Aztec from CS 1.6 stands out among them. Veteran CS players will appreciate a skin like this, as it echoes the nostalgic feel many M249 skins possess. It bears a striking resemblance to the Emerald Poison Dart skin, suggesting that fans of the Emerald Poison Dart will likely enjoy this skin too.