Best Karambit Skins in CS2 [Top 5 List]

Updated on April 23, 2024
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Check out the best Karambit skins in CS2, from Karambit Doppler Sapphire to Karambit Lore.

Best Karambit Skins in CS2 [Top 5 List]

Karambit Doppler Sapphire

The Doppler series ranks as one of the most expensive digital video game skin collections, and the Doppler Sapphire phase exemplifies the peak of these high prices.

You could get a decent car for less than the cost of this skin, signaling that only a select few can splurge on such a luxurious item.

Even if you look beyond the Doppler Sapphire phase, other sought-after phases like Ruby and Black Pearl command prices in the thousands. If you're the type to invest heavily in a knife, then the condition, whether Factory New or Minimal Wear, barely makes a difference.

Karambit Fade

I've pointed out how the Karambit is the pinnacle of all knives, and the Karambit Fade is a whole new chapter in this saga. This particular knife skin was, and still is, hugely popular among YouTubers and skin traders. If you were tuning into content around 2015, you'd have noticed nearly every content creator flaunting a Karambit Fade. 

The Fade pattern can vary, with certain patterns costing significantly more than the usual price tag.  But well, when it comes to Fade skins, affordability nearly always takes a backseat, which you can also see in other expensive knife skins, but also Glock-18 skins.

Karambit Case Hardened

As with all Case Hardened knife skins, the main draw isn't necessarily the design itself in most scenarios. It all comes down to the specific Case Hardened skin pattern you manage to unbox or purchase.

The Blue Gem pattern is a key player here, prompting players to seek out larger blotches of blue when shopping for Case Hardened knife skins. This is because Case Hardened skins that boast more dominant blotches of blue on one side fetch a higher price on the market.

Karambit Marble Fade

When stacked against other knives, the Marble Fade skin design carries a heftier price tag for the Karambit, possibly because it bears a striking resemblance to certain Doppler phases that command prices in the thousands of dollars.

The design itself stands out as exceptionally solid. The beautiful blend of marble red, yellow, and blue is a surefire win. If you're thinking about making this investment, aim to snag a pattern that's a bit more on the affordable side.

Karambit Lore

The Lore skin design draws heavy inspiration from the iconic AWP Dragon Lore design, which is arguably the best AWP skin ever. This stands out as my favorite skin on this list, primarily because its design is a notch above in creativity and intricacy compared to the others. 

The color scheme also mirrors that of the Tiger Tooth skins, adding an extra layer of appeal. While it wasn't anticipated to be more affordable than the previous skins, even the Minimal Wear conditions command a steep price of $1200, but hey, you can also check out the list of cheap Karambit skins!