Best FAMAS Skins In CS2 [2024 Ranking]

Updated on April 23, 2024
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From the vibrant Meltdown to the mythological Eye of Athena, check out the best Famas skins in CS2!

Best FAMAS Skins In CS2 [2024 Ranking]

FAMAS Meltdown

This skin has gained for its eccentric mixture of colors, perfectly blending the radiating yellow and grim black nuances. Although the FAMAS might not be the most powerful gun in CS2, the Meltdown skin is undeniably one of the flashiest, but definitely not among the cheapest Famas skins. Regardless of the scoreboard, you're guaranteed to look good with this one.

FAMAS Eye of Athena

The Eye of Athena stands out as one of the coolest looking items in the entire Horizon Collection, offering a design approach that was rarely tried before. Blending mythical themes into skin patterns was unexpected for a shooting game like CS2, yet this mix has garnered a lot of love from fans, making it one of the most famous FAMAS skins to this day. 

This classified skin also ranked as one of the most wanted items within the Horizon Case. And don't be fooled by its price—it does not reflect the high-quality appearance of the skin. Given that Athena was a symbol of wisdom in ancient mythology, applying these CS2 skins to your weapon might just make you smarter on the battlefield, enabling you to make perfect in-game decisions. I especially love playing with it when I'm rocking with one of the CT Agent skins.

FAMAS Afterimage

Although not the priciest, this skin is one of the best-looking skins from the Winter Case, with its perfect combination of sapphire and blood-red details giving it a look that’s both modern and retro.

Despite its age, the Afterimage skin still provides a cool Sci-fi look for anyone eager to serve out some headshots. The simple yet striking combination of blue and red can evoke memories of older, simpler times, making this skin a perfect choice for those experiencing Counter Strike nostalgia.

FAMAS Commemoration

This skin elevates the FAMAS to appear as one of the most expensive skins in the game, far from being the choice when your wallet is nearly empty. The war emblem next to the trigger imbues this skin with a unique sense of sophistication, making you feel like a Roman legionnaire with every kill.

The golden touch combined with the roughly carved details significantly enhances the gun's classiness beyond its original intention, captivating you with its simplicity and elegance. While there are many aspects of CS2 open for debate, the undeniable coolness of this skin is not one of them.

FAMAS Crypsis

This item stands as the cheapest one in the Prisma Case, though the reasoning behind its pricing remains a mystery. The Crypsis exudes the perfect commando vibe, making any player feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger upon scoring a kill.

Its resemblance to the iconic movie gun makes it the ideal choice for people who enjoy delivering a classic “Hasta la vista, baby!” after landing a headshot.

FAMAS Teardown

The blue and red serpent patterns give this piece a very classy look, creating a significant gap between the skin's price and the quality of its appearance. The Teardown shares slight resemblances with the FAMAS Afterimage, making it perfect for those who adore the blended aesthetic of these two colors.

FAMAS Neural Net

The renowned Falchion Case housed one of the most underestimated skins, with its yellow and green designs perfectly suited for some of the most played maps, like Dust or Inferno. What elevates the Neural Net is its super realistic look, making you feel like a true soldier on the battlefield, especially if you are rocking with Falchion Knife skins.