Best CZ75-Auto Skins in CS2 [Top 5 List]

Updated on April 23, 2024
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Check out the best CZ75-Auto skins in CS2, including the quirky Tacticat and minimalist Polymer, all offering aesthetic design and price.

Best CZ75-Auto Skins in CS2 [Top 5 List]

CZ75-Auto Tacticat

Okay, let's agree that CZ75-Auto Tacticat is not for everyone — it has this weird vibe, I know... but honestly, it seems that people love it, as it's one of the best-selling CZ75-Auto skins

If you've loved Power Rangers, or played other games like Overwatch or Valorant — you're gonna love this CS2 skin. And especially since this is one of the cheapest CZ75-Auto skins; price starts at $0.23, and doesn't go over $3.20.

CZ75-Auto Polymer

Ok, I will stop with this Hello Kitty thing now, and I'll move on to something much more minimalistic. It's even cheaper than Tacticat, as it's only $0.08, but hey, just look how beautiful it looks! Kind of sad there are no Glock-18 skins like that; I would purchase right away.

Plus, CZ75-Auto is not even that popular in 2024 anyway, so why would you overpay for a skin, especially since you can get amazing stuff for half-free.

CZ75-Auto Eco

Eco always had a beautiful design and color pattern, one that immediately catches your eyes. I’d recommend getting it in Field-Tested or Minimal Wear; Factory New is pretty expensive when compared to other skin qualities, and you don’t really lose anything here.

CZ75-Auto Red Astor

Here we have yet another very cheap, yet beautiful CZ75-Auto skin. This skin could be considered one of the best CZ75-Auto skins, and I'm sure that thousands of people have this in their inventories. 

The entire design of this gun fits so well with the color pattern that it has. It’s as good as a pistol skin can get. Conditions don’t impact the quality of the gun much, so you’re fine with picking something like Field-Tested or Minimal Wear.

CZ75-Auto Tigris

The Tigris is yet another astonishing CZ75-Auto skin that has a lot of history with veteran CS2 players. 

Everyone used to own the Tigris back in 2014-15, and you couldn’t play a casual match without at least seeing it once. 

Its popularity was unmatched, and it stayed relevant for a long time after its initial rise to fame. Things have changed since then, and there are other CZ75-Auto skins that might look better. However, this one will never lose its status and reputation.