Best Bowie Knife Skins in CS2 [Top 5 List]

Updated on April 23, 2024
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Here are the best Bowie Knife Skins in CS2; from coveted Doppler variations to unique Crimson Web design!

Best Bowie Knife Skins in CS2 [Top 5 List]

Bowie Knife Doppler

The Doppler knife skins are renowned and desired designs in the knife skin community. There is a multitude of variations for this skin, and even though it’s categorized as one skin, there are plenty of variations that bear different colors and patterns.

The best Doppler variations for the Bowie Knife are, in my opinion, the Black Pearl and Ruby Doppler designs. These obviously cost much more than regular Phase 1 Doppler knife skins, but they’re definitely worth it; I even prefer them over all these flashy karambit skins.

Bowie Knife Crimson Web

The Crimson Web skin design is one of the most known knife skin designs in CS2. The solid red paint is the first thing that attracts people to this knife, not to mention how well the black web design fits the aforementioned red coat of paint.

There are no Factory New listings for this skin, so if you're going to buy this skin in particular, I recommend purchasing it in Minimal Wear. Yeah, it will be a bit scratched, but it's still better than Ursus knife skins or other worst CS2 knives.

Bowie Knife Case Hardened

Case Hardened skins have always been the go-to choice for people who want to spend a reasonable amount of money on skins. The reason Case Hardened skins are so popular is because of the wild patterns that each skin has, which is why it can also be one of the most expensive knives depending on the pattern.

This is why knife skin collectors also pay attention to Case Hardened skins, as there’s always a chance that a blue gem pattern can appear. It doesn’t wear and tear in older conditions, it only loses color.

Bowie Knife Lore

As most of you might’ve guessed, the Lore knife skin design took inspiration from the famous AWP Dragon Lore skin design. The community loves this design, and it not only fits well on the Bowie Knife, but on many other knives.

Conditions such as Factory New and Minimal Wear are very expensive, and this is pretty self-explanatory given how popular and expensive the Dragon Lore is. However, you barely lose out on any quality in older conditions, so I’d recommend getting the cheapest option.

Bowie Knife Tiger Tooth

The Tiger Tooth in particular was always a beloved series of skins, and many people are simply drawn to the vibrant yellow color that defines it. As the name says, it’s a tiger stripe design, and it actually compliments the yellow perfectly

It’s rare to get both the design and color just right when designing knife skins, and I believe this one was designed just right. A Factory New Tiger Tooth is also fairly inexpensive when compared to the other skins in this tier, so go ahead and get yourself one.