15 Best Blue Skins in CS2 (Updated for 2024)

Updated on April 23, 2024
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Love the color blue? Here are best blue skins in CS2, including AK-47 Frontside Misty and SSG 08 Abyss

15 Best Blue Skins in CS2 (Updated for 2024)

AK-47 Frontside Misty

To open our list of the best blue CS2 skins, Frontside Misty features a cool arctic and ice-themed design that makes the light blue colors pop against the stark contrasts of black and white. This design injects a lively vibe into the skin, and many see it as one of the best AK-47 skins in the game. I recommend you to get this eye-catching AK-47 in Minimal Wear, as you'll get it for a price that won’t break the bank.

M4A1-S Nightmare

I find that the M4A1-S Nightmare is an underrated gem from the Horizon Collection. The name 'Nightmare' perfectly hints at its dark theme, which is cleverly mixed with shades of light and dark blue. This design makes it not only unique, but also quite appealing to those who favor a subtler aesthetic. You should give this skin a look if you're scouting for a relatively cheap M4A1-S skin that will match your blue loadout.

M4A4 The Emperor

Not everyone knows that M4A4 Emperor is inspired by a well-known painting from Tarot de Marseille, and that gives it some extra royal appearance; but well, since we're talking about an emperor, it has to be that way, right?

For any player who wants some extra symbolism and depth in his blue skins arsenal, this skin will be one of the better choices on the market. However, in 2024 a weapon like the M4A4 is not that popular, and this skin is quite expensive. But oh well, as there is no better contender for the best blue M4A4 skin in CS2, I still recommend this choice only to those who actually use this weapon.

Galil AR Aqua Terrace

Well, yes, another aquatic-theme, but what do you expect from blue skins, eh? However, here, we have actually one of the best Galil AR skins in the game. I, personally, am a fan of cooler tones, and this skin does it great for me; I even occasionally get to play with Galil despite his poor position in the metagame because I really like this skin.

However, due to its vibrant colors, it's also super visible, so you might get shot easier just because you're using it. It's crazy how skins impact the game after CS2 update.

SSG 08 Abyss

Okay, this one is a classic; people have been playing with SSG 08 Abbys for a decade, and I even remember the phase when top pro players used it. The reason? Well, this skin is just great, and it has always belonged to the group of cheap SSG 08 skins that look awesome. Good design + affordable price = my favorite combo.

AWP Man-o’-war

AWP Man-o'-War is a skin that has a deep blue base color, which is perfectly complimented with hand-painted metallic gold swirls and accents. Three words that immediately pop into mind are:

  • Status
  • Royal
  • Luxurious

and there's no way around it! It's also a pretty classic skin, as it was the part of the Chroma Collection from early 2015.

Glock-18 Twilight Galaxy

Glock-18 Twilight Galaxy features a metal flake paint job, which gives it a sparkling appearance; it simply mimics a galaxy

It looks even more flashy after a CS2 update, so no wonder why its price increased so much. Yeah, it went up like 100 bucks, so if you're asking yourself “is it worth investing in Counter Strike skins?” — you have the answer.

USP-S Blueprint

USP-S Blueprint features schematic and diagrammatic elements that architectural drawings, typically done in white on a blue background. Honestly, this deep blue theme is just perfect for anyone who's looking for a full blue loadout, and well, since USP-S is a pretty popular weapon in the CS2 metagame, you just have to get this one. However, don't wait too long, as it has been pretty unstable in 2024!

P250 Undertow

P250 Undertow is a blue skin that has been increasing in popularity after CS2 came out, mostly for its metallic sheen that changes after different lighting conditions. When it was released in Bravo collection, I simply ignored it for yes, but now? If you're going for an all blue loadout, this one is for you.

Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption

The use of metallic foil makes it one of the best Deagle skins in CS2. It's not that cheap DDPAT pattern with brighter shades, oh no. And actually, is it even a surprise that I am featuring Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption as one of the best blue skins in CS2? Like, this one has been rocking since 2013

Tec-9 Ice Cap

This Tec-9 skin features a frosty, or maybe I should say “icy” theme that's perfectly in line with its theme. No cap.

It looks different depending on the wear level, but it usually has a calming vibe with a blend of different shades of blue. Honestly, that speaks for itself.

MP7 Ocean Foam

This MP7 is just elegant, and even though it's definitely not the most popular weapon to use, you should get it for your all blue loadout. The metallic base coat underneath the hydrographic adds a layer of depth, and it gives a bit more premium look (like for many of these skins).

I get it, MP7 Ocean Foam is nothing fancy. It really is. However, it's clean, aesthetic, and professional. Frankly, it's a perfect choice for players who appreciate subtle designs.

Mac-10 Lapis Gator

I've been struggling a bit to get a good blue Mac-10 skin for CS2, and I am not sure if this satisfies me. However, this hydrographic that mimics alligator skin, and the choice of lapis blue for this pattern just got me. Both of these add a bold and vibrant touch to this skin, and it just makes it look rich, even though it's one of the cheapest Mac-10 skins in CS2.

UMP-45 Primal Saber

The centerpiece of the Primal Saber skin is the cool saber-tooth tiger skull decal, which adds a nice touch of ferocity. Yeah, this skin is for the wild ones; for players who are all in for wild B rushes. The skin is surrounded by light blue colors, which provide a charming contrast to the darker, more intense imagery of the saber-tooth skull. 

P90 Blind Spot

And for the last skin of this best blue skins in CS2 listing, we have a classic straight from 2013 — P90 Blind Spot with an oversized camouflage pattern that immediately sets it apart from more traditional or simplistic designs. 

Let's be real, even if you're going for an all blue loadout, it's hard to sacrifice P90 Asiimov or other best P90 skins for one of the blue skins. However, if you really have to, I'd go for P90 Blind Spot, and it's an easy choice.