5 Best AWP Skins in CS2 [2024 Updated]

Updated on April 23, 2024
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The AWP is cool but it looks twice as awesome with a sick new skin. So why not read our list of the best AWP skins and pick out one for yourself?

5 Best AWP Skins in CS2 [2024 Updated]

AWP Dragon Lore

Let's start with a true legend, one of the most expensive skins in CS2 — AWP Dragon Lore. If you have this skin (which is unlikely, because there are really few copies of it), you know that everyone pays attention to you in-game; it is a symbol of prestige in the Counter-Strike community.

It's a shame that this pattern wasn't applied to other weapons; I'd like to see the Dragon Lore series with AK-47 skins or M4A1-S skins... But oh well, if it was so common, no one would consider AWP Dragon Lore such a treasure, right?

AWP Gungnir

So, all these eastern culture, Chinese mythologies, dragons, etc. don't hype you up? 

Alright, so here's something related to Norse mythology, namely the AWP Gungir, modeled after Odin's spear! It's just beautiful, like — look at this bright blue pattern... masterpiece.

This is one of the most popular AWP skins in 2024, but it is also much more accessible, unlike the one mentioned above.

AWP Desert Hydra

If AWP Safari Mesh and AWP Hyper Beast had a baby... Jokes aside, AWP Desert Hydra is inspired by the harshness of the desert, and since it's a part of Mirage 2021 collection, it really fits the theme.

Those golden snakes make the skin simply look royal; sure, it's not AWP Dragon Lore, but it doesn't belong to the cheap ones, as it costs a minimum of $1000.

AWP Neo-Noir

A little noir, a little cyberpunk, and we have one of the better AWP skins ever. This color combination of blue and magenta on a gray background offers a modern look, but further balanced.

Because, you know, it's easy to go overboard with such futuristic skins and wind up with too many elements, which later tires the eyes. And here we have a combination of elegance and digital revolution; two theoretically mutually exclusive themes, and yet so compatible.

AWP Asiimov

Lastly, we have another futuristic skin, but this one is a classic. Asiimov is a magical pattern, truly. Like, it made me play with M4A4 skins again, even though I dislike the weapon.

But the way it fits with AWP... pure poetry. It's iconic, and it will always be considered as one of the best CS skins ever released.