Best AK-47 CS2 Skins in 2024 [Top 5]

Updated on April 23, 2024
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Check out the best AK-47 CS2 skins, including the iconic Vulcan, Bloodsport, Fuel Injector, Neon Rider, and The Empress.

Best AK-47 CS2 Skins in 2024 [Top 5]

AK-47 Vulcan

AK-47 Vulcan is the best skin for this weapon that Counter Strike has ever seen, and it's almost 10 years old; it was once even one of the most expensive skins

It presents an elegant pattern with a nice combination of black, white, and blue, and it blends more than well with other blue skins, if that's the color scheme you go under in your loadout.

AK-47 Bloodsport

AK-47 Bloodsport may be becoming less and less popular, but this combination of black, red, and white will always be loved by me. Moreover, this red is not so “bloody” and so the counter on the StatTrak version looks so epic!

If you think about it, the fact that it's becoming less popular is ok, because overall I would love to see it as on option for a cheap AK-47 skin. However, since this is a Covert skin, I doubt that will happen, sadly.

AK-47 Fuel Injector

The next AK-47 skin comes from the Wildfire collection, and as we remember, it wasn't the most successful collection... Well, unless we're talking about Fuel Injector! 

If you like skins that stand out, but the aggressive red color scheme is not for you, then the AK-47 Fuel Injector will surely be your go-to option.

This is one of the more distinctive AK-47 skins, and unlike the other skins on this list, not everyone was hyped about it at first; it was only later that it somehow “caught on”.

AK-47 Neon Rider

Now let's get to some Cyberpunk vibes, the AK-47 skin that everyone loved, loves and will love, that is Neon Rider. This is a skin created in collaboration with Puffin, one of the more well-known artists in the Counter Strike community, and there's no question — he created something legendary.

This pattern is something amazing; you will also see it on the list of the best MAC-10 skins. It has a lot of potential, and we should be more than happy that it ended up on AK-47, rather than becoming one of the Galil AR skins.

AK-47 The Empress

Finally, I have some true poetry for you, namely AK-47 The Empress with a beautiful dark blue background, with gold accents and subtle red elements. Even if there was no image of the Empress, there is no other name for this AK-47 skin.

And for memers — if you have a backlog of worst CS stickers that you don't want to show anywhere, you can make use of it on this skin simply by placing them on the empress's crown. It never goes wrong.