About BuffGaming

Hello, Hello esports enthusiasts! We're not your average gaming site. Here, it's all about the thrill of esports, the strategy behind the plays, and the community that lives for the game.
Founded by the esports fanatics Szymon Bielawski, Anthony Clement and Marc Hammes, BuffGaming is your frontline source for everything esports. Think less casual gaming, more adrenaline-pumping esports action.

We're about the intense plays in League of Legends, the nail-biting finishes in Overwatch, and those epic moments in CS:GO that make you leap from your seat. Our content is crafted by gamers (the ones that make you rage-quit) for gamers, focused on what really matters in the esports world.

Based out of Munich but rooted in the global esports scene, our crew started as a duo and has grown into a squad of over 5 dedicated content creators. So, whether you're here to up your esports game, get the lowdown on your favorite teams, or just immerse yourself in the esports community, BuffGaming has got you covered. This is where the heart of esports lives , and you're a part of it.

Our journey began with TheGlobalGaming.com, a platform for general gaming. But our passion for esports made us to go deeper, to create something tailored for the esports community. Thus, BuffGaming was born. At BuffGaming, collaboration is in our DNA. We’re always on the lookout for like-minded partners, teams, and creators who share our passion for esports. If you’ve got an idea, a project, or an opportunity, let's make it happen! Reach out to us at [email protected] and let’s explore how we can work together.